Akra dermojet - Needleless syringe

The dermojet standard

I – Description of the appliance :

The “Dermojet” is in the shape of a cylinder and is divided into 4 elements :

  1. A syringe body made entirely n metal with a small diameter, central piston, its spring and lever.
  2. An injection head, fitted with a valve to retain the liquid when the appliance is loaded, which has a small hole with a diameter of 2/10 mm pierced in its lower end.
  3. A transparent barrel which contains the liquid to be injected. If has a capacity of 4 ml (40 Doses).
  4. A clamping ring to fix the tip and barrel onto the body of the syringe.
The overall weight is 300 grams.

Applications for the standard dermojet in Veterinary medicine :

Local Anaesthetics, Tuberculin testing, Myxomatosis in Rabbits, Mastisis in cows, Echtima in Sheep, Fish marking, Veterinary mesotherapy

II – How standard dermojet works ?

To fill, unscrew the tip and fill the barrel with the liquid. Put the clamping ring back and screw it up. The barrel is linked to a small cylinder in which a piston puts the liquid under pressure. The mechanical device automatically takes a small quantity of liquid, 1/10 ml. Lower the lever to load the syringe. During loading the appliance must be held vertically. Press the button on the top of the appliance with the thumb, the button frees the piston at the required moment. The thoroughly compressed liquid goes through the capillary orifice. The pressure is about 100 Kg/cm2. The very fine jet perforates the skin and instantaneously produces a large characteristic papule on the top of which is a small hole at the point where the liquid penetrated the integument.

III – Injection technique

The head of the appliance can either be in contact with the skin or a few centimetres from it. The depth of the injection depends on the distance and angle of the appliance in relation to the cutaneous surface. Just press with the thumb and the injection is given, then reload the DERMO JET by lowering the lever. 40 injections can be given, one after another, in a very short time. For extra safety if should be noted that the appliance must be primed aber filling and that this s done by operating the loading lever 5 or 6 times in succession, while keeping the top button pushed in. (appliance held vertically).
In human medicine the depth of penetration varies according to the point where the injection is given and the distance and angle of injection in relation te the cutaneous surface.
These different factors having been taken into account, the injection technique varies according te the required result.
The variation in the angle of the appliance in relation te the cutaneous surface and the associated penetration adjustement means that both the epidermis and dermis as well as the subjacent tissues can be accurately reached.

IV – Contra-indications

The DERMO JET must not be used beyond its indications; generally it must not be used in any zone likely to undergo lesions following the injection under pressure, such as the eyeball and blood vessels.
It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine the products which are compatible with the material of which the reservoir and the tip are made, i.e., polysulfone (Standard DJ).

V – Cleaning and Sterilising

1/ Rinse the apparatus by filling the reservoir with one millimetre of distilled water and eject the water by triggering the apparatus.
2/ Sterilise the apparatus before use.

IMPERATIVE: Sterilisation according to current standards at 134° Celsius with autoclave for 18 minutes.



Instructions for Use – PDF

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