The overhaul-repair of old DERMOJET models will no longer be taken care of, as our company and our dealers always receive old equipment which does not comply with the ISO 13485: 2016 requirements: Made in 1965 for the oldest models, some spare parts still contain Monel ® (66% Nickel), (numbers 18000 to 79000) (then numbers 1000 to 15200, without CE marking) moreover, most of them are in very bad general condition, this information note aims to differentiate the old models which will no longer be supported, from the more recent models :

First of all, they can be differentiated by the serial number :
The appliances bearing the numbers 18000 to 79000 (then number 1000 to 15200, without CE marking) were sold between 1965 and 1998, i.e. for the most recent 23 years, for the oldest 56 years !
New series with CE marking start from N° 15300 to about 43000, so after 1998 :

A very simple way to differentiate them is the location of the serial number, for the oldest (1998 and before) this number is located under the US patent number on the front of the device, the recent serial numbers are located on the side of the device, with the CE marking on the other side.

Here are two pictures of old models :


The serial number is in the center of the device, with the US patent above, so no overhaul, or repairs

Here are two pictures of new models :

The serial number is on the side of the device, and also in the other side the CE mark « CE 2803 » « CE 0499 » or « CE 1014 », so it can be repaired.


The DERMOJET® is available in most countries, please contact us, and we’ll provide to you the name of the distributor in your country, if the DERMOJET® is not available, you can order directly to us, and pay by VISA or MasterCard Credit card.

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