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AKRA DERMOJET - Nedlleless Syringe



Do you know that the DERMOJET ® is used by more than 90 000 Doctors around the world ?

The DERMOJET is a device designed by a physician, for physicians, Dr. Krantz was the inventor of the jet injector and the DERMOJET is the result of his medical work.

The DERMOJET injects all types of liquid (anesthetics, corticoids ...), by intradermic projection, without the use of a needle, painlessly and without contact with the patient's skin

The DERMOJET works without a cartridge, bottle or carpule and therefore does not use any single-use plastic.

The DERMOJET is not delivered with medicinal substances; it is the practitioner who chooses the solution to be injected during the filling of the reservoir

Specialized in the needle-free injector, AKRA DERMOJET designs, manufactures and distributes range of DERMOJET to help professionals care for thousands of patients all over the world.
Thanks to a know-how accumulating more than 50 years of experience our injectors meet the needs of practitioners from all countries.

Each DERMOJET® has its own serial Number, aiding traceability.

DERMOJET® Standard, HR, and Polymedical are registered trademarks and models, manufactured in France and with all the spare parts made in France.

Our DERMOJET needleless injectors are among the first devices in the world approved by a notified body to be able to meet the criteria of the ISO 21649: 2009 standard on needleless injectors, knowing that multiple tests have been carried out :

Procedure for specifying the dose according to :

Standardized atmosphere

Warm climate

Cold climate

Vibration test

Drop Test

Control of sound pressure levels

Lifetime of the device

Cytotoxicity, biocompatibility and irritation tests have been successfully performed on our devices as well as the validation of sterilization according to the standards.

The CE marking attests the conformity of the product to the essential requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices - Quality management systems



Application for patent
Creation of AKRA, patent issued in November 1960 for DERMOJET
Patent issued for the UK
U.S. Patent No. 3,129,708 issued in April
New version of the model HR all made of stainless steel
Creation of the Automatic DERMOJET
Creation of the model DERMOJET polymedical
Creation of the multi-jet heads
CE mark, Directive 93/42/EEC
New model of Automatic DERMOJET with removable sterilizable body
Creation of a of 0.05 ml dose head


Dermojet PDFDirections for use : download PDF


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