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The DERMOJET Polymedical

The DERMOJET Polymedical with interchangeable sterilised injection tips For local anaesthetics, therapeutic applications in Dermatology, Rheumatology and Mesotherapy.

DJ-PolymedicalThe DERMOJET Polymedical (Ref 500) :

Single Dose of 0.1 ml or 0,05 ml.
This manually operated instrument is of cylindrical shape and comprises 3 parts :

- The body of the syringe containing a piston, a tension spring, and an arming lever
- A 4 ml Pyrex or Radel® reservoir
- An injection head fitted with an adaptator for the "Tip Jet" head



For intradermal injection of 0,1 ml or 0.05 ml doses, for the purposes of :

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Corticosteroid injection
  • Treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • Treatment of warts

The DERMOJET works without cartridge, vial or ampoule
The DERMOJET is not delivered with medicinal substances; it is the practitioner who chooses the solution to be injected during the filling of the reservoir



Directions for use : download PDF


Registered Trade Mark and Name for the DERMO JET POLYMEDICAL Needle-Free, High Pressure, Injectors AKRA Patent

These heads are readily adaptable to all models of the DERMO JET POLYMEDICAL injectors, Refs. 500, 510 and 520.
Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel, their major advantage is that they are readily removed from the body of the injector after each application. Replacement of the removed head is carried out in a matter of seconds through the use of a quick-release fixing system.

The Mono-Jet Heads :

Ref 581 : Single Dose Head of 0.1 ml fitted with a moveable tip (Ref 161)

The Simultaneous Multi-Jet Heads :

These heads allow the injection of micro-doses varying from 0.033 ml. to 0.02 ml. by MULTI-JETS of 3 to 5 orifices

Polymedical-594-3-D Polymedical-596-5-D
Ref 594 : 3 Doses Head of 0.033 ml. Ref 596 : 5 Doses Head of 0.02 ml.

IMPERATIVE: Sterilisation according to current standards at 134° Celsius with autoclave for 18 minutes.

l_pdfDirections for use : download PDF

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