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The Automatic DERMOJET


The DERMO JET gun is a compact and autonomus appliance with automatic filling that requires no exterior source of energy.

• LIGHT WEIGHT: Weight about 700 grams.
• RELIABLE : Strong, silent, rapid (1000 injections/hour)
• ROBUST : Made in high technology materials
• ERGONOMIC : Easy to use and well balanced, it can be used intensively without unnecessary effort.
• ATTRACTIVE DESIGN : An appliance with pure and modem lines, entirely polished and with a perfect finish.
• EFFICIENT : Fitted with a swivelling bottle support so that it can be used at any angle.

EASY TO USE : It is filled by simply pulling the lever which instantaneously liberates, regular doses of 0,1 ml of the injection liquid through the capillary orifice.

The high technology of the DERMO JET injectors give it the reliability appreciated by the medical profession. lts simplicity of use avoids alI manipulation of the liquid and eliminates loss of time. ln order to insure that the appliance works correctly and to guarantee its efficiency please follow the instructions bellow.


The head of the appliance must be placed perpendicular to the skin either in contact with it or slightly above it, the depht of penetration depends on the position, distance and angle of the injection in relation to the cutaneous surface.
The combination of these different factors linked to the injection technique means that both the epidermis and dermis as well as the subjacent tissus can be reached.


It is filied and the injection given in one movement.
The very fine jet perforates the skin and instantaneously produces a characteristic papule on the top of which can be seen a small hole where the liquid penetrated the integument.


- Put the bottle, or reservoir of solution to be injected in position.
- Check that the injection head is really tight and that the lnlet tube is not blocked.
- Before injecting, purge the air by firing severai times until a perfect jet is obtained.


- Do not use the appliance without a liquid.
- It s advisable to remove the bottle from its support when not in use.

IMPERATIVE: Sterilisation according to current standards at 134° Celsius with autoclave for 18 minutes, the new model have a removable body making the sterilisation easier.

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