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3 différents modèles de DERMOJET


DJ-HR3 differents models of DERMOJET® are available :

The DERMOJET® "HR" is the same model as the Standard DERMOJET, created for medical use, with a pyrex® reservoir and a stainless-steel tip and can be sterilised at 134° C during 18 minutes
Applications in Human Medicine (Local anesthesia, corticosteroid injection, treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars, treatment of warts, hair transplantation...).


The DERMOJET Polymedical® has an injection head with an adaptator for the “TIP JET” interchangeable sterilised injection head, Applications in Dermatology , the Monojet heads allow targeting of small scale injuries

The Automatic DERMOJET® is in the shape of a gun, it is filled by simply pulling the lever wich instantaneously liberates regular dosis of 0,1 ml (200 dosis with a 20 ml bottle)
Applications in Veterinary Medecine, vaccination against Rabbits’s Myxomatosis, induction of female Rabbits ovulation submitted to artificial insemination.

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