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The Dermojet type HR

Dermojet-HRThe Dermojet type HR is an apparatus that can be sterilised at 134° Celsius maximum, during 18 minutes.


In particular, it is equipt with :

1°) O-Rings made with material resistant to temperatures up to 220°C.
2°) A Pyrex or Radel® reservoir (4 ml capacity)
3°) A stainless metal tip.


The Dermojet type HR
is adjusted by a single monojet dose of 0,1 ml it has the same general characteristics and involves the same applications as those described in the DERMOJET Standard's notice.

• LIGHT : Weight s around 300 gr.
• TRUSTWORTHY : Strong, silent, fast.
• STURDY : High technology material.
• ERGONOMIC : Manouverable, equilibrated, and allows for intensive use without needless effort.
• ESTHETIC : A modem, highly polished and streamlined device.
• EFFICIENT : lts incorporated reservoir allows for operation in every position.
• EASY TO USE : The armament s activated by a simple turn of the lever, and the liquid s flushed by pressing the button on the upper part of the machine.
• STERILISABLE : at 134° Celsius maximum, during 18 minutes, (humid air). Do not leave products sitting for long periods of time. Rinse before sterilisation

Intradermal injection of 0.1‑mL doses, for the purposes of :

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Corticosteroid injection

Akra DermoJet

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Norme ISO 13485 : 2012

Made in France,
Certified ISO 13485:2012 ,
Dermojet® is a registered trademark